Adding a Sign to a Short Film

I recently finished adding a sign to a video clip for the short film A House for Marge. There was a little trouble with the sign not blowing in my wind simulation, but after a little research I discovered a way to fix the problem.

For more on the film, you can visit the production blog at







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General Update

I’ve been working on rigging the dragon so that it can flap its wings and look like it’s actually alive. There will be a rider on the dragon for those of you who are wondering. The dragon will be added as soon as I get it done. No clue when that will be, but it is getting closer.

Other than the dragon, I am currently working on several board game ideas in various stages of being finished, and a couple of other computer games/fun stuff that runs on the computer but can’t technically be called a game.

And recently I attempted programing a rope simulation in Hypercard, but it didn’t work very well. I’ll probably attempt it again in a more up to date programing language.

The Door Within: Alleble

My second project is now available for download! This is a city based off descriptions in the Door Within Trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson. This is software that you can install on your computer, and then walk through the city, like a game. Explore it, and maybe you’ll find something interesting. Be sure to look carefully, there are some surprises.

This was created for Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper’s really cool Tribe Building Contest.

Download it now!