Red Rain Fan Art – WIP

Some work-in-progress fan art for the novella Red Rain.

I had intended to recreate the opening scene from the book, however, as this is very much a spare time project, I have no clue if that will ever happen.

Attentive observers might note that I’ve deviated from the description given in the book by adding a few weeds here and there, even though the book mentions that there aren’t any plants. 😉

The brown color on the doors is a placeholder. Bonus points for anyone who knows what color the doors are supposed to be. Extra bonus points if you know without looking it up. Super extra bonus points for Aubrey if she can remember without looking it up. 😛

Remember VFX

I recently had the chance to help with the special effects for the science fiction film Remember. It’s going to be an awesome movie, and you should really check it out! In fact, you should go pre-order it right now! Or, if you prefer, go read their synopsis, and then pre-order it.

Most of the effects I created were for a fight scene near the end involving high-voltage stun rods, so here’s a few of those for your enjoyment:

Adding a Sign to a Short Film

I recently finished adding a sign to a video clip for the short film A House for Marge. There was a little trouble with the sign not blowing in my wind simulation, but after a little research I discovered a way to fix the problem.

For more on the film, you can visit the production blog at







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