Another Dragon Update

The colors in the picture aren’t final, I put them on so that I could see the various parts of the dragon better.

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  1. Antoinette(BTW,I use coded names all the time and they are always a character from a book by CH and WTB:) ) says:

    The only places I was able to go to in Alleble are the courtyard(or wherever it is that you are fist), the office, on the stairs(across the hall from the office,)the place where the fountains are, and in the “maze” beside the fountains. I didn’t spend much time on it yet but I’m wondering if there is any other places to go.
    Is there a way to get into the Library, the Throne Room, and the Armory? I would LOVE to go to those places.
    Is there a way to open doors? Not that I want to explore every house and room but it just seems that all the doors are closed.
    But, all in all, I’m really impressed! This is awesome! Where is Paragory… and Yewland? If you decide to do any more cities and stuff, I think that Paragory and Yewland would be fun ones to do. While you’re at it why not a maze game for Falon’s Lair? Kidding! 🙂
    Please do not use my email for anything other than responding to my email. Don’t even tell me when you have made Yewland, Paragory, and Falon’s Lair! 🙂 Kidding again!:)

    Never alone! Endurance and Victory! The Crown is for the Faithful! For Heaven and the True King!

  2. Glad you like it!

    You’ve been to most of the locations. There’s also a training field behind the houses across from the courtyard.

    I want to make it so you can go to more places, but right now it’s waiting until I finish some other projects I’m working on. Hopefully I can get those done quickly so that I can work on Alleble some more.

    There is not a way to open doors, sorry. There are just too many houses to make the interiors of them all. Closed doors also make good boundaries when there are unfinished areas beyond. The top of the stairs is a good example of this. When I get back to working on Alleble I hope to open the doors to a few of the houses and several more places inside and around the castle.

    I’ve had a request for Yewland before, so that was already on my list of locations to attempt at some time in the future. I don’t remember if the descriptions in the books are detailed enough to make it. I’ll have to re-read the books again to find out.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Thanks. I was able to check out the training yard it was AWESOME!
    I know that no Allebian knights were allowed to go there other than Kaliam, but I think you should make a way to go in there.
    Also, with Yewland, use your imagination. If I made a Yewland(IF I COULD 🙂 ), it would be different than your Yewland. I know why WTB didn’t use much description. He wanted the reader to use his/her imagination.
    BTW(By the way is WTB backwards!), When do you think that dragon will be complete? Are you going to add any Glimpse Riders? Thanks again!
    One more question – What book was the Meseem numbers from? Is it a Christian Sci-Fi?

    Never alone! Endurance and Victory! The Crown is for the Faithful! For Heaven and the True King!(P.S. – I ALWAYS close my notes and stuff with these phrases! “For Heaven and the True King!” comes from “For Aslan and Narnia!” I just changed it.)

    1. I would use my imagination in making Yewland, but I like to follow descriptions from the books as closely as possible where I can. It makes the whole thing much more recognizable as the location that I mean it to be. I have at times deviated from what is described in the books though. Probably the most obvious example of this is the training urchin. I moved it from the castle courtyard area, where it is in the books, to the training field.

      Meesem Numbers is actually from the Myst series of games, most noticeable in Riven and Uru. I made it for my brother because he wanted to learn how to speak the numbers from the in-game language.

      I know you asked this question in a different comment, but I’ll answer it here.
      Most of the textures in Alleble are from cgtextures. The rest of them were either created by me or came with the Unity game engine.

  4. Sorry! One final note. (I am the only one who has commented and I feel bad!)
    Did you get all the cool clipart and stuff from

    Never alone! Endurance and Victory! The Crown is for the Faithful! For Heaven and the True King!

    1. Don’t feel bad about being the only one to comment. I wasn’t expecting any comments because everyone was discussing Alleble on the Underground forum and no one there posted any comments. You made my day. 🙂

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