Unfinished Dragon

I’m now working on an update for The Door Within: Alleble. Here’s a picture of an unfinished dragon model that I’m making for it.

The most obvious things that still need to be done on this model are the legs and texturing. I’m not sure if I’ll put a ridge of spines down the back or not, as the dragons in the books are used for transportation.

3 thoughts on “Unfinished Dragon”

  1. This is Antoinette again. I wanted try a different name!

    Hopefully it is possible for you to delete that other mean comment.(the one from “hello”)
    About Yewland, use your imagination. That’s what WTB would say. He wouldn’t care if you created a place not exactly the way he had imagined it. Just have fun, have fun. What else is the point? I have a feeling you’re doing this to have fun, right? you’re most likely not getting paid to do this(I’d be shocked if you were!)
    Was cbtextures the only place you got those graphics? They’re AMAZING!

    Okay, I don’t feel like typing my sayings and stuff. If u wanna see ’em look at the other comment from Antoinette.

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