The Door Within: Alleble

My second project is now available for download! This is a city based off descriptions in the Door Within Trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson. This is software that you can install on your computer, and then walk through the city, like a game. Explore it, and maybe you’ll find something interesting. Be sure to look carefully, there are some surprises.

This was created for Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper’s really cool Tribe Building Contest.

Download it now!

14 thoughts on “The Door Within: Alleble”

  1. My last 2 responses didn’t post so I’ll try here(I think each person can only comment once at each section. BTW – I have combined both my posts). I was able to go to the training yard. For Yewland, use your imagination. I think that is why WTB didn’t explain it much.
    When will your dragon be in Alleble? Will there be any Glimpse riders?
    Did you get all the cool images and stuff from

    1. That’s probably my fault. I haven’t been able to check my website yet today, so I wasn’t able to tell it that your comments were okay for it to post. Sorry about that.

  2. Hi, um, I have a smallish problem with this game. No offense, I really like it, it’s just, I can’t get out of Alleble! How do you open doors? And my main question is… WHAT DO YOU DO??!!!! Please help.

    1. You can’t open doors. The goal is to explore the entire thing, and it won’t tell you when you have achieved that goal. You decide for yourself when you’ve completed the goal, and even if you haven’t actually explored everywhere you get to be very surprised if you find something later. 🙂

      Have fun exploring!

      1. You have probably completed the goal when you no longer find anything you haven’t seen before.

    1. Not as often as I used to. I tend to not talk much on forums, so there hasn’t been much point since the forum topic I started about Alleble dropped off the main page.

    1. Alleble is finished now, and can be downloaded on my downloads page. Technically speaking it’s a game, but I hope to make something with more gameplay later.

    1. I’m not planning too at the moment. Perhaps someday I’ll feel inspired enough to put aside my other projects long enough to make some.

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